Single / Album Uploader

File Name 


How to upload songs:

1. Upload the playlist cover image size 300 px * 300 px.
 a . Fill in "File Name" with "email & single / album name" according to the name at the time of registration.
(Example: - Falling in Love)
(email name error, or not filling in the email name will make your song fail to show)
 b  Click
"Choose File".
 c  Select the playlist cover image on your PC or cellphone.
 d  Click
 e  Wait until the notification "file sent successfully" appears.
    2. Upload songs in .mp3 format
    After uploading photos, continue uploading audio.mp3 (Do not delete File Name)
     a  Click "File Name", add "song title behind the album name.
    (Example: - Falling in Love - 01. Missing You)
     b  Click "Choose File".
     c  Select audio.mp3 on your PC or mobile.
     d  Click "Submit".
     e  Wait until the notification "file sent successfully" appears
    If you upload more than one song, repeat steps (a -b - c - d - e).

    If you upload 10 songs, your file will look like this. - Falling in Love.jpg - Falling in Love - 01. Missing You.mp3 - Falling in Love - 02. Beautiful.mp3 - Falling in Love - 03. I Wish.mp3 - Falling in Love - 04. Hopeful.mp3 - Falling in Love - 05. Love Sick.mp3 - Falling in Love - 06. Obvious.mp3 - Falling in Love - 07. Quit.mp3 - Falling in Love - 08. Set Me Free.mp3 - Falling in Love - 09. Thunder.mp3 - Falling in Love - 10. Until You Return.mp3

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