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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is basically a set of rules based on Data Protection Law and Personal data protection. At , your personal data is completely under our protection . In this context, as Auxioo family, we ensure that your personal data is protected by using all technical means for the required level of security.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Since the service provided by our music listening site is only the service of listening to music and reading the lyrics, there is no information processing or receiving in verbal, written or electronic media. Although there is no such thing as data collection on our site, it is only to notify and notify our users of the newly released music that does not have any copyright issues. In this way, it is ensured that you follow the newly released songs.

What Kind of Information is Stored?

What type of browser is it? (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera)

What are the browser add-on details?

From which region is he accessing the site?

Which music is preferred? (Statistical data is recorded)

Which local time zone is preferred?

Time statistics record of users on our site

What is language preference? (English)

Which site is redirecting to our site?

What is the device type? (Computer, Tablet, Phone,)

Information on screen size, color range of the screen, system fonts

Use of Cookies

Auxioocom may obtain some of the personal data through a technical communication file (Cookie). The simple technical information files in question are small and unimportant written text files that the website sends to the user's browser. The technical information file makes it easy for you to navigate our website by hiding the status and personal preferences of the user browsing the website. The Technical communication file, which is located in a large part of the websites, is a system that works according to obtaining statistical information about how many people visit the website, for what purpose, how many times the visitor logs in, and how much time he spends in this process. Since Turkish, Kurdish, Foreign music category pages, Hit mp3 songs page, the most recently uploaded songs section and the albums page released today, are active pages on our site, these pages are subject to the technical communication file.

Variable Dynamic Privacy Policy

Our website is a music listening site that is channeled to serve users in a certain area and does its job properly. is able to update and change the details of the Privacy Policy from time to time in order to keep the privacy and data protection principles up to date in accordance with the changing electronic data systems and to make them compatible with the relevant legislation. The changed Privacy Policy is announced in the relevant section of our website and its details are explained.

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