The processor - a tape saturator and the compressor. Reelight Pro is a ribbon saturation plugin with many features for getting authentic ribbon vibes as well as some desirable ribbon related artifacts. The plugin faithfully simulates tape saturation/compression, overall sound and atmosphere. We offer you 6 tape recorders with 2 speeds and different levels of sampling and modeling to get the most authentic sound possible today! The invention of digital audio recording has freed up sound engineers in a way that was not possible in the analog era. Even with all the instruments at hand, the musicians and engineers were missing the sound and sound of the earlier recordings. The magic that recorders endow by default and that we all take for granted. Reelight Pro is a plug-in designed to play the authentic tape sounds of not one but six different tape recorders at different speeds and levels to bring us closer to the "reel to reel" tape sound. With this plugin, you also get access to desired parameters such as tape speed, offset, incoming signal saturation, crosstalk, and even tape-transmitted compression as separate controls! The plugin comes with a lot of presets to help you get started or create your own from scratch!

Tone Empire - Reelight Pro 1.0.5 VST3 x64
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