Tablacus Explorer is an easy-to-use and easy-to-use file manager that allows you to work with two or four panels, with the ability to create the desired number of tabs on each. Tablacus Explorer duplicates all the standard Explorer functions for working with folders and files, supplementing them with a convenient presentation. Thanks to the utility, the processes of copying, moving, deleting and renaming files and folders are greatly simplified. The program implements the connection of additional and useful extensions (Add-ons), such as Mouse Gestures, Hot Keys, Clipboard, Favorites and others. There are quite a few extensions for Tablacus Explorer, some of them are available for connection in the program itself, additional addons can be downloaded from the developer's website. With its very small size, the program can do a lot.

Tablacus Explorer 22.3.7 Portable
Mega File Size 1.85 MB
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