Virtual Guitarist, a joint venture between Steinberg and Wizoo, contains two VST 2.0 plug-ins for playing acoustic guitar (Virtual Acoustic Guitar) and electric guitar (Virtual Electric Guitar) rhythm parts. MIDI-controlled recordings of real guitar parts are used (you can play with one finger, chords or use MIDI tracks, different samples are played depending on MIDI messages). The parts match the tempo of the song. There are 27 “players” representing different styles and sounds (finger accompaniment, 12-string guitar, metal string guitar, funky electric guitar, clean strat, wah guitar, metal), eight variations per “player” . Real-time sound and phrasing variation is supported through the keyboard, modulation wheel, dynamics and aftertouch messages. Swing, syncopation, “hanging” chords, changing dynamics and rhythm, changing the width of the stereo image, double tracks, choosing a pickup (for electric guitar), using a filter / enhancer (for acoustic guitar) are possible.

The Virtual Guitarist “Electric Edition” software contains only electric guitar samples, but has an additional VST format module with a set of effects (wah, autofilter, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, reverb) that can be used separately. There are 29 "players" representing a variety of styles (from the 50s to modern), guitars and amplifiers.

Steinberg-Virtual Guitarist
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