QLab allows you to easily create multifunctional multimedia projects for live performances and installations. From Broadway to the West End, in churches, museums, shop windows, concert halls and theaters around the world, people use QLab to bring audio and video to life. QLab lets you design and manage incredible multimedia performances from your Mac OS X computer. A single space lets you control audio, video, MIDI, OSC and more.

Need to trim the beginning and end of an audio track? This can be easily done in the built-in editor. Want to flip and center your video on one of the projectors? QLab will help. If you do not like what happened, you can cancel everything and do it differently. QLab comes with support for 48 outputs and 24 audio input channels, intuitive audio signal editing, customizable playback speed with pitch control, video and audio faders, animation tools, audio and video effects, Siphon integration, keystone correction and corner spinning. It is possible to overlay titles, use "live" video from various devices as input, including Blackmagic devices.

QLab Pro 5.0.8 [Intel/Apple] [TNT]
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