An excellent tool for ensuring your anonymity on the Internet and solving the problem of access (from a secure tunnel) to any blocked sites.
The utility uses VPN, SSH and HTTP proxy technologies. Psiphon is the best tool for accessing the Internet and will protect you from hacked accounts and stolen passwords no matter what network you are connected to. Psiphon will automatically 'learn' about new servers and thus increase your chances of circumventing censorship.
Psiphon is an open source project.
A distinctive feature of this program is the ability to use both proxy servers (anonymizers) and "tunneling" (VPN) to achieve anonymity, switching between them with one click of the mouse.
• Supports SSH and SSH + protocols for increased security;
• Manual and automatic selection of different countries of the world for connection;
• Output of reports on the client's work;
• Detailed instructions on the home page of the program;
• A large number of connection settings;
• Hides the user's personal data;
• Works with all modern browsers.

Psiphon VPN 3.175
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