Six-string electric guitar .
• Sunbeam Guitar : Accurately captures the timeless electric guitar, perfect for today's production. It combines an extensive library of strum patterns, fingerpicking, arpeggios and real riffs with real-time performance control. The innovative playback engine allows you to create an almost infinite number of chord variations and you get compelling, musical results.
• Busting game: Offers the same realistic engine found in STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 and 2 - ideal for chordal accompaniment. It also contains riffs and a new Picking mode: just play a chord to create very convincing arpeggio patterns. Playing these new types of patterns should be completely familiar to STRUMMED ACOUSTIC users.
• Ready sound: ELECTRIC SUNBURST offers a high quality set of effects, amps and cabinet emulations. Three distortions and four modulation effects provide the sound of classic pedals, while five amp models and a choice of ten cabinets offer authentic guitar sound - exactly the same. Finally, a high-quality console EQ, two compressors, tape emulation, reverb, delay and tape delay allow you to fully enjoy the real guitar sound!
• Guitar: ELECTRIC SUNBURST captures the sound of a classical guitar, chosen for its rich, warm and versatile sound. The uninterrupted signal path has been preserved throughout, including high quality cables, vintage tube preamps and high resolution transducers to ensure that every nuance of this legendary instrument is accurately captured. Because the tailpiece and neck were recorded separately, you have complete control over the balance of the mix. What's more, a condenser microphone has been mounted above the strings to capture subtle sonic nuances and add punch and realism.
• Library content: Choose from 154 patterns covering a wide range of realistic riffs, arpeggios, alternating intervals and chords. The patterns are conveniently grouped into 31 well-coordinated preset sets suitable for everything from modern pop to electronica. Autochord mode and handy presets allow you to play or program convincing electric guitar parts, regardless of background music.
Thousands of loops, single notes and noises were sampled over a wide range of modes, and played both with a plectrum and fingers with muffled, harmonic articulations. This provides unprecedented flexibility and realism. Synchronization and humanization settings make live performances in many musical styles authentic.

Native Instruments - Session Guitarist: Electric Sunburst (KONTAKT)
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