Cross the boundaries of guitar sound A compact yet advanced guitar plug-in. From a gentle clean tone to the heaviest wall of sound that fills the entire mix. Control every aspect of the signal from the main window and dial each parameter in expandable sections. 7 sections - create your own sound, not simulation Input - gate, gain control and high pass filter. Preamp - 4 different drive models, large range and 4 additional switches that dynamically change the character of the preamp. Tone stack 4-band EQ dynamically changing according to the selected preamp, with adjustable frequency, Q and gain, as well as configurable filter types and 3 preset tone matching. FX is a dual section divided into modulation (chorus/phaser, etc.) and timing (reverb, delay, echo) subsections. Power Amp - Resonance and Presence knobs for added character, plus a Hot knob for even more signal saturation. IR - Load up to 4 impulse response files at the same time and mix them in real time until you find the perfect balance for your tone. Output - maximizer, mixing knob and fader.

Aurora DSP - Rhino v1.0.0 STANDALONE, VST3, AAX x64
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