Drummind from the 80s. Feel the original sound! The legend of the analog drum synth is now in version 2! Simmons hexagonal shaped electronic drums were everywhere on countless recordings and live performances throughout the 80s, used by artists and bands such as Genesis, King Crimson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd and others. The sound turned out not very realistic, but the sound turned out to be its own, huge and versatile. The most famous drum brain invented by Dave Simmons was called the SDSV or SDS5, a drum synthesizer that brings synthesis to the drummer's hands and simultaneously defines the sound of a generation. Often used in a lazy way to create disco-style tom sounds, the SDSV module could produce a wide range of sounds. It has excellent sharpness and sensitivity. The SDSV's successor, the SDS7, added lo-fi digital sampling or FM modulation as a means to a wider range of possible sounds. The SDSV is historical analog equipment that found a place in the sound of the 80s and is still used today as a secret weapon, drum layer or centerpiece for certain genre music. In total, about 5,000 of these drumos were produced, so do not count on finding a working one easily and cheaply. Since there was no exact VST for this legend... I had to make a VSDSX, a perfect replica with lots of new features added! The instrument is dedicated to Dave Simmons... VSDSX, which stands for Virtual Simmons Drum System Extended, brings each voice or as it's called (module) as close as possible to the real thing, accurately simulating analog sound generation, internal circuit tuning, trigger velocity sensitivity and all the details. Its hybrid voices (HIHAT, CYMBAL, PROM and CLAP) are a mix of analog/digital, variable sample rate EPROM memory reads, perfectly emulated in real time. It models SSM2044 filters, offering precise control over internal drive voltages, trigger shapes, and VCA response. It also simulates how the module reacts when triggered by pads or a sequencer... MIDI velocity will drastically change the sound you synthesize, whether you're using real drum trigger detection or a piano roll. VSDSX offers the ability to output multiple outputs to your DAW, giving you legendary analog power! On top of that, one voice can load your own external EPROM data (digital sample) just like a real SDS1 pad (EPROM based) offering a whole new range of sounds. SDSX is now on version 2 and includes, among other things, the perfectly emulated Simmons Digital ClapTrap module, a clap synthesizer that combines a variable sample rate digital source combined with tonal analog noise and the original feature of the unit was to never play the same sound twice . Although integrated into VSDSX, a special plug-in is provided as a bonus with stereo sound extension and the ability to trigger chromatic (per note). VSDSX provides a powerful synthetic drum sound on its own, and can also be used to great effect when layering drums. The automation and modulation options can turn this thing into an insanely creative sound source. Using it layered with a VPROM can create a funky sound that mixes analog and early digital!

ALYJAMES LAB - VSDS-X 2.0.2 + ClapTrap Plugin 1.2.0 VSTi, VSTi3 x64
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