Sinevibes - Sinevibes - Skew.v1.0.0. VST3 - Articstorm v1.0.0 VST3 x64 

Skew is a non-linear sound reversal. Perfectly synchronized with the host transport, it continuously buffers incoming audio and plays it back in chunks. The big trick with this algorithm is that it can distort the playback speed by selecting non-linear curves, thus changing the pitch in various ways. With each parameter boasting an extremely wide range of adjustment, Skew can be used to create a variety of rhythmically accurate effects such as reversing, tape rewinding, pitch slides, detuning, glitches and scratching. Add. Information : -Audio reverse with precise transport synchronization -Six non-linear curves for changing the speed of sound playback -Fragmental fragment size control with 256 possible values ​​(from 1/16 note to 16 bars) -Carefully tuned anti-aliasing envelopes with additional overlap -Style crossfade control DJ - Delay filters for all continuous parameters for smooth, click-free tuning - Supports mono › mono, mono › stereo and stereo › stereo channel configurations

Sinevibes - Sinevibes - Skew.v1.0.0. VST3 - Articstorm v1.0.0 VST3 x64 
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How to download and install :

1 - Download the program
2 - Disable Windows Defender
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3 - Decompress
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4 - installation
Open the installation folder after decompressing and click on the installation file.

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